KTS Transport Service GmbH

Worldwide iImport-Export ... Lumber Transport and Shipping

While we take care of transporting and shipping your lumber you can turn your attention to other business matters. We‘re specialist in shipping and organizing the complete transport of lumber including, placing containers in the forest or at the sawmill, pest control if needed and the necessary documents, for example, plant health certificates, declaration of origin, etc.

Worldwide Import-Export ... Scrap Transport and Shipping

Although it‘s “only” scrap, these goods must also be handled with the highest professional care. There are hardly any other goods that can stand lesser freight charges. KTS finds the best solution for you. Whether on pallets or vertical stacking – we handle your worldwide transportation efficiently and without problems.

Worldwide Import-Export ... Vehicle Transport and Shipping

By air or ship or simply on land you want your vehicles transported safely and quickly. We take on this highly responsible job and deliver the vehicles flawlessly anywhere on this earth. That‘s the job of our qualified team which carefully monitors and documents every stage of the transport.

Worldwide Import-Export ... Air Freight

With us, air freight shipments of any kind are in the best hands. This spectrum covers worldwide house to house shipments and includes all customs formalities. With appropriately large cargo we are also capable of organizing charter flights for your goods.

Worldwide Import-Export ... Import

KTS will bring your goods from any corner of the world directly to your door step. With our years of experience, our storage facilities, our EDP link to customs, there‘s nothing standing in the way of a quick and reliable customs clearance, commissioning and delivery. Fast and cost efficient: that‘s KTS!

Worldwide Import-Export ... Refrigerated Transport

Transporting sensitive goods in a clearly defined temperature range around the world is one of the specialties of our experienced team. Regardless of the necessary climatic conditions, we will see toit that your product is delivered to your customer exactly as promised. No matter how long the trip may take.

Storage and Distribution

KTS is convincing with its large capacity and well-functioning infrastructure. With our fenced in 23,000 m2 facility including a 4,600m2 warehouse located on the A1 motorway between Bremen and Hamburg we are able to provide you with a complete range of services – from loading and unloading, warehousing and storage to commissioning.

Container Loading and Unloading

On our facility we can load and unload any type or model of container easily and without any problems. Your container can be placed on the ground and manually unloaded or it can remain on the chassis and be unloaded with a forklift from the rear ramp.

Plant Health Treatment

Our team has been working for years with many of the state phytosanitary agencies in Germany. Applying for and issuing the necessary phytosanitary certificates, pesticide treatment of the lumber as well as supplying information about regulations are part of their daily routine.

Transport Insurance

Regardless of what is being transported you always have the possibility of insuring your shipment through us. Our long-standing cooperation with our trustworthy insurer gives us the opportunity to offer you attractive premiums and in case of damages quick and reliable processing.

Cross Trade

Whether door to door or harbor to harbor: we can provide transport from and to most places on earth without you having to bother about anything. This is possible because of our close cooperation with the most important shipping companies worldwide and our long-standing, globally encompassing network of agencies.

Customs Clearance

Our complete EDP link to customs means we can handle your complete customs clearance. If you need export documents or want to import a shipment with several kinds of goods you can rely on us to take care of all customs formalities for all locations in Germany and Europe.